Why choose Wolf Haus?

Wolf Haus
is a market-leading company, operating for over 50 years. We believe in our family-run business because experience is not available on the market! We offer:

  • Know-how and experience (we have built over 10,000 houses)
  • Comfortable houses throughout the year and in every season
  • Earthquake- and fire-resistant houses
  • Guaranteed energy saving rates
  • A 1,500sq m showroom with materials and finishes
  • Clear estimates and guaranteed fixed prices
  • Quick completion (4-6 months)
  • A 30-years’ warranty
  • Our company has obtained the CE certification and other certifications with several control and auditing bodies
  • Our dynamic team is available to make your dreams come true
Wolf Haus

Technology and manufacture

Wolf Haus has always built according to the strictest quality levels. From the choice of raw materials all the way to manufacture and assembly in our building sites, through the choice of the best building system: Platform Frame.

This system not only speeds up the building process and achieves an excellent building quality, but it also provides a high level insulation through thin materials.

Certified earthquake resistance

In 2011 the research lab of Eucentre in Pavia, Italy, carried out a seismic test on a 12m high and 4 storey building equipped with all its finishes. The test consisted of 7 trials with an increasing strength and ended with a tremor acceleration equalling to 1.48g (G-force) which was two times the acceleration detected during the earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy, in 2009. This test marked a new world record in terms of earthquake resistance, since this building by Wolf Haus withstood all stresses without any damage both to structures and finishes. As a result, this test has definitely marked the birth of a new generation of buildings which not only protect the life of the people living there but also safeguard their investment.

The picture shows the shock table which can be tested in our showroom and can simulate the most powerful earthquakes in history.

Quality certification

At present, Wolf Haus is the building company which has built the highest number of houses complying with the Italian certification “CasaClima A” which means sustainable and environmentally-friendly building activities.

With Wolf Haus your investment is protected also by the European compliance certification ETA which ensures high quality materials and high performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation and resistance to fires. In addition, Wolf’s building system boasts the CE marking for all its building system and a huge number of other corporate certifications.

Energy saving rates

The system named “Platform Frame” ensures the highest level of energy efficiency and a significant reduction of management costs thanks to an ideal insulation for every structure and element of the building.

Our buildings consume a quantity of energy lower than the amount of energy they produce for the basic energy needs. Moreover, coupling the structure with a series of building solutions which exploit the solar power, energy costs actually equal to zero.

Building schedule


Our constant check on the production chain and our high level of organisation allow us to monitor the completion schedule of your dream home! No nasty surprises because every material is tested, every component is thoroughly tried out, every team in the building site is reliable and co-ordinated by qualified site managers. The outcome is a delivery time ranging from 4 to 6 months according to the project.

Clear prices


Our high level prefabrication and our corporate know-how define the price of your home in an analytical way with detailed estimates and clear costs. With us, prices are fixed during the negotiation phase and do not change over time. Therefore, we create the best conditions for you to evaluate loans from banks, since you will not face any unforeseeable expense which may jeopardise your financial transaction.

Durability and market value


Scientists Mr Stefan Winter and Mr Daniel Kehl have come to the conclusion that modern prefabricated houses made of wood do not differ from traditional masonry houses in terms of durability and maintenance of their value. They complete fulfil (and partly exceed) the requirements in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, resistance to fires and humidity, safety and durability.