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From the project to the engineering

Designed by your architect, engineered by us…

If you think that your new house should express 100% your personality and you want a unique solution that stands out from the rest, entrust us with your project and challenge us. With wood we can do everything ... and every house!
With a timber construction, unlike the traditional one, all the construction details necessary to achieve a faithful completion of the project, are provided upstream. We call it integrated design: starting from your project, the structure is engineered and calculated in advance, throughout the various stages of construction.

From engineering to prefabrication

The project takes shape: in our factory we build the components of your house

The high quality and build speed of a Wolf Haus construction is determinated by the technical aspects, the quality of the raw material and the prefabrication.
Remaining faithful to your project, our departments, thanks to the integrated design, elaborate the best structural and installation solutions, engineering each individual construction detail.
The main structural components of your house are thus cut and pre-assembled directly in Wolf Haus's factory (walls with frames, attic, roofs, etc.).
The precision and perfect execution of the prefabricated structure is the secret to have an excellent home, quickly while respecting your budget.

The assembly step

Therefore, we monitor the implementation on site with our assembly team.

The walls are transported to the construction site where our teams, trained and driven by Wolf Haus, quickly assemble all the components of the structure and later, in case your project is "turnkey" , they prepare the systems and the finishes on site.
Our products are supplied with a 30-year guarantee!

We respect the traditions of the architectural environment

Your project always will be in harmony with the territorial context.

Choosing a Wolf Haus allows your designer to insert your home simply and harmoniously in the local urban context, respecting the traditional architecture of the place.
The goal is always to create a perfect balance with the natural landscape environment, integrating harmoniously and suggestively, without creating contrast.
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