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Wooden house

Every prefabricated wooden house we build has the Wolf Haus DNA in its characteristics: maximum living comfort, very high energy effciency, guaranteed seismic safety, wellbeing and healthy living space.

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Your wooden house

Shape the house of your dreams!

The well-being you deserve, the style you desire

After several successful years satisfing our customers, we have the aim of providing you with the help you desire. By defining the right construction budget, we are sure we have a solution that meets your needs.

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The green revolution by WOLF HAUS

Wolf Haus Energia Più

The wooden house that produces more energy than it consumes.

EnergiePLUS stands for our extremely revolutionary technology in timber house construction, which is groundbreaking in both the construction and energy sector: since 2011, Wolf Haus has been building prefabricated timber houses that produce more energy each year than they consume for their primary energy needs.

With Wolf Haus you choose to live sustainable and eco-friendly.

For those who really want environmentaly sustainable.

-83.000TonCO2 eq

A outstanding fact: it is the tonnes of carbon dioxide that have been saved over the past 10 years thanks to our customers' decision to buy a Wolf Haus. As heavy as the weight of 14,000 elephants!

-2.200KgCO2 eq

Amount of carbon dioxide emitted that is saved during the construction of a 100 m² Wolf Haus compared to a traditionally constructed building of the same size.

0KgCO2 eq/m2

Amount of carbon dioxide released in a lifespan of a WolfHausEnergiePLUS building. This means that our technology is already in line with the European "Green Deal", which stipulates climate neutrality in Europe by 2050.

A Wolf Haus does not use fossil fuels such as heating oil or gas, but only clean and renewable energy sources like photovoltaics, biomass, geothermal energy, etc. Our buildings are truly "green"!

Natural building materials for healthy buildings

The load-bearing structure of all our houses is made of wood, the most sustainable material nature provides - flexible, stable and durable. Buildings are not made of structure alone. Thermal insulation (internal and external) is also essential to achieve high performance and maximum living comfort. Therefore, insulation materials in walls, ceilings and roofs are customised according to customer preferences and can be made of 100% natural materials such as wood fibre, cork, hemp fibre or sheep's wool. All the materials we use are certified and environmentally friendly.

Guaranteed well-being even in extreme heat conditions.

Wolf Haus defies the desert

Why is wood so special

10 good reasons to choose WOLF HAUS.

Did you know? Living comfort can not only be experienced sensually, but also measured scientifically. The difference in wall surface temperature and room temperature should be as small as possible.

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High production capacity, advanced technologies and solutions.

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