Your Wooden House

The utmost comfort and well-being

With Wolf Haus, you experience true living comfort!

We guarantee high housing well-being. We can do this because our houses boast construction parameters and housing technologies that allow a homogeneous and balanced internal climate without forcing. This happens thanks to the thermal properties of our construction system as shown by the monitoring carried out in various climatic zones, both in winter and in summer.

As a demonstration of the efficiency of our construction system, Wolf Haus is monitoring various wooden houses that it has built in different climatic zones, including a building in one of the areas with the most extreme climate in the world: Dubai.




With Wolf Haus you always have
the perfect climate!

The best thermal performance and the comfort of your living experience are obtained thanks to the continuous study and improvement of the different layers we use to build your home

Wolf Haus engineers are constantly working to obtain better and better results and to draft new thermal protocols to be transferred to production standards.


With Wolf Haus, you are protected
from the noises

The in-depth study of the materials and the tests on the walls and floors has allowed us to achieve high acoustic standards: excellent insulation from external noise and between the different housing units, with suitable solutions for each type of construction.


With Wolf Haus
no humidity in the house.

Our construction system allows optimal airtightness: great construction care from the project to the assembly (with sealing, taping and steam brake), protective sheaths and connection elements studied in the details.

The result is extremely high living comfort with always dry environments with no humidity and mould.


A Wolf Haus house
helps prevent allergies.

The absence of mould, the possibility of inserting ventilation with a pollen filter, the less use of the heating and cooling system (therefore less presence of dust in the air): all this reduces the possibility of contracting annoying allergies, improving health.