Prefabricated frame system

Construction systems: Wooden frame structure (platform frame)

Mega-wand® wall customisable stratigraphy

Casa in legno a telaio

Plastered from 31 - 42 cm

VALUE U: 0,14 - 0,10 W/m2K
REI: 60 - 120
Rw: 46 - 65 dB

Parete Mega-Wand ventilata in legno

Wall Mega-Wand®


with wooden cladding

Parete Mega-Wand ventilata in pietra

Wall Mega-Wand®


with stone cladding of 3cm

Parete Mega-Wand ventilata in alluminio

Wall Mega-Wand®

with aluminum cladding

Parete Mega-Wand ventilata in pietra ricostruita

Wall Mega-Wand®

with ecological reconstructed stone cladding

We use construction systems that guarantee the best balance between performance and yield.

The Mega-Wand® wall is our exclusive international patent. Its structure offers great performance thanks to the different layers. Due to its thickness (from 31 to 42cm), it guarantees strength and thermal-acoustic insulation which is difficult to obtain with the classic masonry systems.
The insulating layer in high density wood fiber is placed in a continuous and uniform way on the internal side of the building; it also acts as a layer for implants and facilitates possible future modifications. In addition, the wood fiber, thanks to its high hygrometric power, acts as a natural regulator to mantain the humidity of the indoor environments. MEGA-WAND® is available in different variants of aesthetic finish for the walls, with many alternatives for the internal insulation and the external coating. The choice is yours!

REI: 60 - 120 Rw: 42-67dB
The internal load-bearing walls of the Wolf Haus and Wolf System structures have a simplified structure compared to the external walls. However, the thermal/acoustic insulation performance is far superior to traditional masonry partition walls. The internal wall is available with the same materials as the Mega-Wand® wall.

Casa in legno a telaio parete interna

Inter-floor attic

REI: 30 - 120
Rw: 55 - 81 dB
Ln,w: 68 - 20 dB

The panel floors are the perfect solution to combine acoustic comfort with flexibility for the servicing pipes. Thickness may vary depending on static calculation. Available solution also with exposed wooden beams.