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The house is an important investment for your family: >br>this is why Wolf Haus relies on partners of proven success and reliability who can offer you facilities designed for those who want a sustainable and virtuous housing solution.


Banca Reale

Banca Reale is the credit institution of Reale Group. It is the result of the match between the insurance world and the financial one. It entered the banking scene in 2000, to offer a service capable of creating value for customers and the community.
A dynamic bank that, relying on the values ​​created in more than 190 years of Reale Group history, aims to build a better future for its customers and society. This is Banca Reale.
Although relatively young, the bank lays the foundations on a solid group with over 190 years of experience, which over time has been able to change, always keeping up with the times, if not anticipating them.
The evolution, an integral part of his thinking, is evident in the careful use of new technologies and through the offer of targeted and innovative solutions in the financial and banking sector.

To be even more present and reachable with its services, in recent years Banca Reale has started an expansion operation spread throughout Italy, creating the new Banca Reale branches and spaces. Thanks to the modern organizational structure, Banca Reale was able to complete the offer in the financial and banking sector with a new range of products intended for individuals, professionals and small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Reale Mutua

Founded in Turin in 1828, the Real Mutual Insurance Company is the most important Italian insurance company in the form of a mutual.
Its members/policyholders are almost 1.4 million, headed by 355 agencies present throughout Italy. The Company shows a high level of solidity, evidenced by a solvency index (Solvency II), calculated with the Partial Internal Model, which stands at 370.7% (Year End 2018). Its mission derives from its mutualistic nature: to place the Members / policyholders at the center of their attention, guaranteeing the quality and certainty of performance, through the constant commitment of competent and professional staff.
The close relationship with its members / policyholders is also shown through the support of cultural and sporting projects and initiatives, of social and environmental protection, of people and community. In fact, sustainability is a fundamental value for Reale Mutua, which has always adopted ethical and transparent management of its business.

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Conventions for those who choose a wooden house


Wolf Haus is a S.A.L.E. certified company

Over the last few years, FederlegnoArredo has invested heavily: a fundamental step is bringing the credit and insurance sectors closer to the green building sector> in promoting and allowing the diffusion of wooden bearing structures.

The followings are the credit institutions and insurance companies that, with particular attention to the terms of environmental sustainability, housing safety and quality of construction, have recognized the S.A.L.E. as an element of access to mortgage lines and insurance products dedicated to wood engineering works:



The Wolf Haus consultant will be able to put you in direct contact with the appropriate contact person.