Eco-sustainability and Innovation

Are you looking for eco-sustainability and innovation for your house?

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With Wolf Haus, you choose to live in eco-sustainability.

We have always imagined a sustainable future, where the only resource used will be the sun and where homes will naturally be comfortable, virtuous in the use of energy sources and respectful of the environment.

With a Wolf Haus, this future is already now.
With wood we made our best choice: to have a very low environmental impact, using only wood from sustainable forests.

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With Wolf Haus you realise
the most innovative house.

A Wolf Haus home guarantees you the best construction system on the market, thanks to the construction technology, the high-quality standards in the production and assembly phase, the prefabrication and the use of natural and environmentally friendly materials.

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With Wolf Haus

A Wolf Haus house does not use fossil fuels such as diesel or gas but only clean and renewable energy through plants that exploit natural resources (for example photovoltaic, biomass, geothermal energy, etc.).

Our buildings are really "green"!