Value and Guarantee

Do you want your house to be an investment?

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A Wolf Haus house increases its value over time.

For 10 years we have been building with the Wolf Haus Energy Plus system (houses that produce more energy than they consume for primary energy needs). Considering that the European directives impose that from 2020 the new houses are “near zero consumption”, Wolf Haus is already aligned not only with these regulations but with what will be required for 2030!


With a Wolf Haus home, you have no surprises about the price!

Prefabrication and company know-how define the price precisely, with detailed estimates and certain costs.
For this reason, the prices defined during the contract are fixed with the security and convenience of being able to plan the investment in the best possible way.


A Wolf Haus home has a guarantee of
30 years on the structure.

Wolf Haus provides the 30-year guarantee on the structure: a security that only a company that has been building wooden houses for over 50 years can give you!


A Wolf Haus house is certified" "CE" "and not only ...

We have chosen to certify the entire production cycle right up to laying, unlike others that assemble individual certified materials, neglecting assembly and installation. Wolf Haus instead guarantees the total quality of the project starting from the engineering and supplies the house marked "CE".