Wolf Haus Energy Plus

Do you want a house that produces more energy than it consumes?

A Wolf Haus wooden house produces more energy than you actually need!

A house, independent of fossil energy sources, which produces more energy on an annual basis than it consumes for the primary energy needs (heating, cooling and domestic hot water).

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The principle
The very high quality and high insulation of the building envelope allows minimizing the energy consumption. It is entirely covered by a series of low-consumption plant systems powered by renewable energy produced by the photovoltaic system.
Wolf Haus Energy Plus technology can be applied to any type of project, since 2011.

Of course, several factors contribute to obtaining high energy savings:
the choice of systems that allow you to lower your bills;
- optimal use of solar energy for the electricity and water supply;
- the use of a wooden structure for the home, which guarantees the insulation of the walls and the airtightness;
- the intelligent use of shading, even automated, that shields the windows from summer solar radiation, avoiding overheating inside the house and limiting energy consumption;
the use of home automation that increases performance and optimizes resources independently.



If we all lived in a wooden house ...
... would the world be a better place to live? Probably yes, we think.

It would mean that everyone has chosen to be responsible for the environment, preserving it for their
children and leveraging it sustainably and intelligently.

It would mean that everyone has access to a useful technology: the one that preserves energy and increases the quality of our life.
Everyone has the right to live in complete safety and a Wolf Haus home protects the family from the unpredictability of earthquakes and the devastating force of the fire ...
Wood can do everything: it can give us the well-being that we all aspire to and that we thought was something belonging to the future.
Instead, it exists already, now. With us.

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A mix of technology to live at the service of people.

The sizing of the plant systems and of the energy supply elements, which guarantee the Wolf Haus Energy Plus concept, is based on algorithms developed thanks to the values ​​drawn from long-term monitoring on our homes.

These monitors constantly document the optimized operation between housing and house systems, thus highlighting low energy consumption, air quality, living comfort values ​​and many other data on the conditions of the home in summer/winter.